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Delivering global food packaging innovation to Australia and New Zealand

Helping you get the right food packaging solution for your company requirements and your customer’s needs.


Our products, packaging, and brands.

Connect with the best food packaging manufacturers in the world with CM Active. We partner with the best companies so that you get the best sustainable packaging products they have to offer. We work with you and our network of dedicated manufacturers to achieve high-quality, professional results that you’ll be happy to have your name on.


We’ll help you manage your delivery from contact to plate.

When it comes to supplying your business with sustainable food packaging, it’s on your terms. We’ll help you find the right products, perfect quantities and support you from delivery through to planning and logistics. Concerned about risk? No problem. Pay for a single pallet at a time and gain complete access to our service from the start.


Aspire for global change.

We work with world-class manufacturers that are leading the way in innovation, providing our customers with high-quality, sustainable food packaging products that tick all the boxes. Less environmental impact and exceptional quality; all in one package. That’s our kind of change – and your kind of change too.

Looking for a sustainable food packaging solution that delivers the best results for you and your customers?

Sourcing high-quality, sustainable food packaging in Australia and New Zealand can be difficult. Finding the perfect packaging that has consistent quality, meets business needs, and ticks all the boxes can seem an impossible task. That’s where CM Active comes in – the bridge between Australia and New Zealand’s convenience and ready meal manufacturers and the international sustainable packaging market.

With significant risks attached to sourcing packaging abroad without a reliable and trusted distributor, CM Active provides a way for you to get your food to your customers without compromising on quality, value, and sustainability. We source the best so that our customers can have the best; no need to put your business out there with risky bulk orders or poor-quality, unsustainable imports.

Book a call with us and find out how we can help solve your packaging problems. 

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Achieve results when you tap into our EXPERTISE

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Establish and build relationships with the world’s global packaging leaders thanks to our vast, quality-focused network and unique brand of expertise. We work alongside you to forge lasting relationships and ensure your food products look better than ever, thanks to our innovative and sustainable packaging connections.

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