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Worried about planning and logistics?

Whether you’re concerned about bulk-buying packaging or you don’t yet have a handle on your logistics, seeking professional advice is the best thing you can do. At CM Active, we have decades of experience in the packaging industry – and since 2009, we’ve been offering businesses personalised, professional advice to ensure they’re set up to the highest possible standards. Whether you’re unsure about the packaging equipment you need to invest in, or you’d like to do a small trial run of your convenience food product ahead of full release, we’re here to support you.

Planning and logistics can be challenging for any business, whether you’re new to the food manufacturing world or you’re simply launching a new product range. We help you to manage your planning and logistics every step of the way, putting you on track to success with our expert advice and global packaging network.

CM Active will help you manage your food packaging supply from contact to plate

How do we help you manage your food packaging supply?


We handle every step of the process for you, so there’s no need to deal directly with manufacturers or negotiate for packaging that doesn’t quite suit your business needs.


We can provide samples from numerous high-quality packaging brands around the world and adjust quantity and supply to match your current business needs.

Start Small

We start small and grow from there, for less risk and lower commitment to ensure the best chance of success.

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If you’re struggling to deal with packaging alone, or you’re looking for a solid partnership from the start, CM Active is the team for you.


We help you to manage every step of the food packaging supply process, keeping everything running smoothly and getting your products on shelves and your customer’s plates as quickly and conveniently as possible.

Book a call with CM Active now, and find out how we can help solve your packaging problems.

We are leading distributors of excellent quality, sustainable food packaging in Australia and New Zealand.

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