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Bringing a huge portfolio of food packaging products directly to you

Food Quality and Packaging

When it comes to food packaging and food quality, picking the right option is essential. While visual appeal and on-brand style is a crucial factor, our expertise and years of experience in the packaging industry ensure you have the right product for the right food. We work with you to find sustainable and practical packaging solutions that meet your business needs and keep your customers happy.

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There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to food. With some items requiring wet cooking in plastic and others requiring dry cooking in foil, we tailor-make a packaging solution that works for your particular product needs. We source manufacturers that meet these needs specifically and ensure you have access to high-quality, professional packaging explicitly designed for purpose.

Food sectors we cover:

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Choosing the right packaging material is essential.

Without the right packaging, what should be a delicious pre-prepared meal could quickly become far less appetising to your customers. With different packaging materials required to ensure that perfect end result, risking it with a distributor that doesn’t understand your needs can be a real problem. At CM Active, we understand the individual packaging needs of your specific product lines and ranges. We work with you to find innovative packaging that enables the perfect cooking experience, keeping your customers happy and your products flying off the shelves.

Choosing the right brand is essential.

Finding the best brand for your business is essential for long-term success. But you don’t want to be tied down when it comes to expensive packaging equipment or expensive bulk orders. CM Active offers a non-biased distribution service. That means no problems with exclusive contracts or products that don’t suit your long-term business needs. We help you find the right brand, and adapt with you to suit the changing and growing needs of your business

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