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The world needs environmentally conscious food companies like you

It pays to go green – and for businesses like yours, you’re already on the right track if you’re seeking out sustainable packaging. More and more consumers buy based on company values, as well as quality branding and service. As such, investing in packaging that’s innovative, eco-conscious and focused on quality has never been more profitable. Or better for your business.

The world needs businesses that care about the planet – and at CM Active, we share those values. That’s why we work hard to ensure your business is matched up with the best match for your business. You no longer have to sacrifice quality or cost for environmentally sustainable packaging. With our services, you get the best of all worlds.

For the average customer, it’s more important than ever that the brands they buy from are sustainable, eco-friendly and make changes to help the planet.


Why CM Active are leading the way for Australia and New Zealand's environmentally focused food packaging

We provide the link between your food company and eco-focused packaging companies from around the globe – and we don’t cost the earth either. If you want to wow your customers, get ahead of the crowd, and provide sustainable packaging that has quality as well as a positive message, then we’re the service for you.

No-one else does what we do, simply because no-one else has our excellent contacts to some of the world’s best manufacturers. When you work with us, you’re getting a service that isn’t accessible elsewhere. With our packaging brands and your business, going eco-conscious is easier than ever before for Australian and New Zealand companies.

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Are you ready to work with a company solely powered by alternate fuel sources and know what the carbon footprint of your packaging is?
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