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About CM Active

All of the knowledge and expertise you need to get your food product to your customer in the best possible condition.

Who are CM Active?

We are leading distributors of excellent quality, sustainable food packaging in Australia and New Zealand.

Our expert and professional team is dedicated to providing our customer base with access to some of the world’s best packaging manufacturers. To reduce packaging waste and provide companies like yours with high-quality, brand-suitable packaging solutions that aren’t available elsewhere in the region. We bring globally innovative packaging, unique products, and excellent service straight to your doorstep.

With warehouses in every major city, our services are as convenient as they are unique. Our mission at CM Active is to provide our customers with easy to access packaging that suits their business and stock needs. No prohibitive costs, uncommunicative distributors, or disappointing results. Through our connections with the world’s best packaging manufacturers and our commitment to sustainable packaging alternatives, we help get your food product on the shelves in style.

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Our History

CM Active was founded in 2009 to fill a specific niche in the Australian and New Zealand markets. 

With little to no sustainable or innovative packaging manufacturers operating locally at that time, founders Julian and Ewan saw a need to connect food brands with reliable and consistent overseas manufacturers.


Having worked in the packaging industry for many years, the team behind CM Active had a unique perspective to offer; providing low-risk solutions for Australian and New Zealand companies in need of high-quality, innovative packaging that met their needs and suited their business requirements.

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The Future

What does the future hold for Australia and New Zealand’s sustainable packaging?

Over the last ten years, Australia and New Zealand's ready meal markets have grown significantly but there’s still a shortage of sustainable and affordable packaging.


That’s why we continue to utilise our expertise and connections and provide a low-risk and practical way for Australian and New Zealand businesses to access packaging they can rely on.

Our Offices

CM Active’s Sydney based office was selected with sustainability as a priority.  The Lifestyle Working Building, Brookvale, was chosen, as it set a benchmark in Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD). The building provides considerable energy and environmental savings whilst achieving high levels of comfort for the community of people who work within the building.

The building has a 5½ star Energy and 6 star Water National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) rating certification in Australia and has attracted extraordinary attention from government and leading design organisations. The building encompasses innovation, health, employee productivity and retention.

The building and its characteristics align perfectly with CM Active’s own philosophies of environmental protection, innovation, waste minimisation, reduced emissions and sustainability in all aspects of work and life.

lifestyle working building in sydey
Book a call with CM Active now, and find out how we can help solve your packaging problems.
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